01 July 2018

Success when I'm not looking

This is true, especially for me. I try to stay on the straight path, but life doesn't always like the straight path. Life throws things in your way and you have to adapt. I've been on summer break since May 17th. The first couple of weeks were okay, but the last few weeks have been not so okay. I've had way more deviations then I should have. I've had a lot of alcohol. I haven't walked near as much as I should. I've skipped mediation more than I've done it. And my sleep has been atrocious. Yet, in spite of myself, I have still managed to lose a little fat this month. Yay me.!!! 2.8 more pounds gone. How?? I'm not really sure. But I think I've gotten to a place where my body is in a good place and it keeps working well in spite of me slipping. Now, here's the fine line, I am not going to beat myself up for not doing everything the way I should, but I need to be hard enough on myself that I get my butt back on track. Today is July 1st and as good as any day to kick it in gear again. I got up and went on my walk this morning before walking the dogs. Yay me!!! I have successfully stopped grabbing Fritos twice. Yay me!!!  The thing that bothers me with that is I don't even really want Fritos, it's just habit. I've let a couple of habits sneak their way back in and I need to kick them to the curb. Again. We are having some friends over today but I don't plan on drinking and Hubby is making Jambalaya, totally a 3 shift meal. Yum. So it will all be good.

I need to start buckling down in all things anyway. I have to finish up my planning for the new school year. I have to finish the classes I'm taking. I need to kick it into gear and this will just be one more thing I get in line. I only have 3 more weeks of break. 😭 so I need to get moving. I feel good about this summer though. I got a chance to really rest and relax and I really enjoyed it. So no regrets, but it is time to start to get serious again.

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