22 September 2018

Starting to feel more in control

Looking over this blog, I notice that the last couple of posts have fallen into my old routine of complaining and whining. Wanting to change but not actually following through on it. I don't like that and it is extremely unproductive. Part of the problem was that I felt my life had spun out of control. Somehow that happened over the summer when I had more time on my hands than ever before. But whatever. Since school started, I've been working hard to get my life where I want it. Well, these last 2 weeks I've made significant progress towards that. I have set up my planner to track the things I want to do daily, and I've limited them to just a couple of things to get started. I have also made sure that I did those things every day. Okay, I did not do one thing every day. But I'm working on building habits. I've gotten far better at limiting my time on Facebook and it really makes a difference. In fact, I shut down the Facebook page when I'm done looking at it. I don't just move to another tab, I shut that tab down so I can't see it. That really helps a lot. Then keeping my planner up has really made me feel successful. I jot my to-dos or notes for the day in the upper box. The middle box tracks the things I want to do every day, currently, they are training Mavy (the one I've been slipping up on) mediate (10 minutes a day currently on a 12-day streak), and check the bank (I just feel more in control and less likely to spend if I keep on top of the bank balance, plus it keeps me on top of the bills). Last week I had to clean for 15 minutes every day also and that didn't work out at all, so I removed that. Then the bottom box I write something from the day. Something good that happened. Something I want to remember. Some feeling or event from the day. I also have large numbers in highlighter to keep track of what shift I am on. So this is working for me really, really well. It keeps me focused on what is important in my life. It helps me to create the habits I want to have. It helps me to see that I do a lot of things and need to remember that when I'm feeling down on myself - which was starting to happen a little. So there we have it. Getting back to basics and really feeling like myself again. Yay me!!!

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