01 October 2018

That sudden, unexpected

I had one over the weekend. I spent the weekend in Washington, D.C. with about 200 science teachers from all over the country. As I listened to them talk about the research they do with their students and how they go about accomplishing things, something hit me. Those things are not necessarily for me and I should not feel bad about that. Following on the heels of that, I realized something about Facebook. I have cleaned out my Facebook a whole lot in the last couple of months. I don't follow any 'health or fitness' type people. I don't follow people who post a lot of selfies. I don't follow people who are extremely political on either side. I have restricted my feed to things that I like. I thought that would help. I found myself feeling inadequate and down on myself for not doing all these 'things' that others apparently did. So now I follow lots of teacher groups. I follow some planner groups. And I follow people I like to hear from. That's it. I thought I was good on Facebook. I thought that would help. It didn't. But I didn't take any real time to examine why. Then this weekend, while actually talking face-to-face with a bunch of science teachers I realized why. Even these people are posting their best on Facebook. They rarely, though it happens occasionally, get on and say wow, I really blew it today. Or I can't seem to cover the things I need to cover. Or I don't have the energy for all the labs. Etc. They are presenting their best face while still trying to get the help they need. And I make comparisons of myself to them. So I really am not helping myself at all. So I'm basically done with Facebook. Seriously. Done. I will go on once in a while to check things out or to look up something specific, but otherwise I'm done. I've got my own thing to do and I need to just focus on me and not what others are doing. So goodbye Facebook.

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