19 September 2018

We have a problem

Actually, I have a problem and I need to get a handle on it.

On September 10, 2017, I started AltShift. It has been an amazing year. I've lost a bunch of fat and inches (no I don't know exactly how much because I haven't weighed or measured myself in months). Things have been going well up until this past summer. I fell off things this summer. I lost the meditation, and I have found that is super, super important. I also fell off the walking. Summer in Phoenix is no time for walking plus sitting around the house doesn't lend itself to lots of activity.  Since school started back in August, I've been battling to get back on track. I've been mostly successful. I started up the meditation again and my current streak is 8 days - woohoo!!!  As soon as the weather got cooler I started walking to school. Afternoons are still a little hot so walking home isn't happening every day. But I've been making my 10,000 steps every workday. And food has been okay. Not perfect by a long shot, but okay. My problem is sweets. I've been eating way more sweets than I have in a long, long time. Just today I was at WalMart and thinking I wanted something sweet. I didn't examine why I wanted them, just searched until I found something small that I could eat quickly on the way home. Yesterday I had a Snickers bar. I've had ice cream for dessert and pound cake. I need to stop. I know that part of it is the stress I'm feeling from the volleyball. Though I'm trying hard to keep it under control, it gets out of hand once in a while. Part of that problem is also my 8-day streak of meditation. I went quite a while without meditating and I could feel myself getting stressed and angry. So meditating is helping with everything, but I need to get a handle on the sweets thing. I need to cut them out. Okay, I know myself and I have to face my problems before things can get better. So here I am facing things.

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