07 July 2019

I am over it.....

It's like I turned 60 and all kinds of weird shit starting happening. Well, I'm done with it.

I've been getting these weird stomach pain. It feels like my entire bowel system is inflamed and it's even sore to the touch like I press on my abdomen and get pain. It's horrible. It flared up a couple of weeks ago and I posted about it. Well, that was not the first time. It was probably the 3rd or 4th time. Then Sunday or Monday night it woke me again. Around 3 am I woke and felt the pain starting. I was laying on my right side and remembered some silly Facebook meme about sleeping on your side and your stomach opens when you do...I really don't remember it well, but I thought, hmmmm.....let me switch sides. So I rolled over to my left side and the pain passed. My stomach was a little funky all day but I was able to function. So, in my stupidity, I thought boom, figured it out. Then on Thursday, I woke with excruciating pain in my right knee. Like I could hardly walk pain. I wore my step counter that day and I got less than 2,000 steps all day. It was that bad. But I discovered that the pool helped. I could move it and walk and do some simple PT on it in the pool. It gradually got better. By yesterday, Saturday, I was pain-free again.  Which leads me to yesterday. We went over to a friend's and hung out at the pool all day. I didn't eat anything in the morning. By 1ish I was starving so had a slice of peanut butter bread. Went to the friend's house and had 2 beers, hamburger patty, chicken, coleslaw, hummus, pretzels, veggies, and that's about it. Well, about 2 hours ago I woke up with the pain starting in my stomach again. Only this time I was already lying on my left side. So I took my pillows, stacked them up, and then laid on my back with my upper body elevated. That worked. But still, the tummy is feeling a little funky.

This has to stop. I cannot live like this. Once school starts, I can't be waking up at 2 am and be half awake all night then go teach all day. No. NO. NO.  So I things have to change. Starting right here, right now. First off is walking. I'm going back to getting my 10,000 steps a day in - NO MATTER WHAT!!!  I start class again tomorrow and I have that wired. I walk from the park and ride to school. I walk at lunch and then I walk back to the car after school. That easily gives me 10,000. The week between my class and school starting is going to be slightly harder. I will need to get up early to go walking before everyone else gets up.  Then I'm going to need to focus on moving during the day. I just have to. I also need to add some kind of workout in. I think I'm going to get Beach Body on Demand and do some workouts in the living room when I get home. I need to move more. Then the food. Let's talk about the food. I'm going to keep a food journal for a little bit to see if I can isolate what is making this happen. I thought it was bread, but I had an episode when I didn't have any bread. I'm wondering if it's alcohol.  So I'm going to get back on the eating track and also keep a food journal for a while to see if I can nail it down. This has to stop and it has to stop today.

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