25 September 2019

Morning Page Day 3

So I missed doing this yesterday due to some car problems. On monday afternoon I couldn't start my car after work. Ugh!!!!  Had to get a jump to get home then Hubby charged it at home and it seemed to start okay. Had an appointment to take it in yesterday to get fixed. when I went out to go to work yesterday the bugger was dead, dead, dead. Had to ride with Hubby, so we left earlier hence not having time to do this, and then Hubby had to come home, wait for a tow truck, get it started, drive it to the dealership, and wait for a ride home. He also had to come back to work and pick me up so that we could get the car. They replaced the battery and said it was bad. Since this is the 2nd time in 2 years this has happened, I'm a little skeptical about it being the battery's fault. But they said I was wrong. So I have to go with what they say, they are the experts right? 

In other news, I walked Mavy last night and it was awesome. There was a breeze blowing and it was around 84F and just gorgeous. We walked down to McClintock, then up to the canal path, then home. It took around 40 minutes and was absolutely perfect. I want to make that a habit for the winter. Even if it gets darkish, I can still do it, I have Mavy to protect me.

So I feel super bloated and fat this morning. Not exactly sure why, but I do. My stomach feels huge. I've decided that rather then try to do everything, which is clearly not working, let's focus on one thing at a time. So I'm going to work on getting my steps in for now. Yesterday I got over 10,000 and that was the first time in a while. So that is my goal. Not going to think about food or other workouts just get my steps. Once I can do that consistently, then I'll focus on adding something else to the mix.

I've been so scared about getting another attack that my eating has gone completely off the charts. Yesterday I had 2 cupcakes. 2!!!!!  Then I had some M&Ms at lunch. Then came home and ate some of the trail mix that has M&Ms in it. Luckily I felt pretty c.rappy and didn't eat much of that. Then, becuase I was feeling pretty crappy, I didn't eat anything else until dinner. I wasn't going to eat anything after dinner either, but Hubby made fresh fruit, ice cream, and whipped cream. It wasn't too much so I ate that. And guess what, I didn't have an episode last night. Hooorah!!!!!

what else can I ramble about. I do need to figure out this whole school thing. I used to go on Fridays and get work done, I think I have to get back to that again. I am getting so behind. The good news is only 4 more weeks of volleyball then I will have my 4Bs back. Yay!!!!

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