02 September 2019

The aftermath

The move is over, though the work will continue for quite some time. It was an interesting week or so. Let me recap:

On Thursday, Aug 22 the buyers did a walkthru of the house on Lydia. On Friday, Aug 23 we drove up to Biltmore to sign the papers for the sale of Lydia Ln. There was a hang-up with some paperwork from our seller, so our docs weren't ready. We found out late Friday night that the docs had come in at 6:45pm. We would be signing on Monday, Aug 26th. Lydia Ln closed on the 26th and we signed on Poplar St. on the 26th. Prior to this, I had set up everything to happen on Wed, Aug 28th. We finally closed on Poplar on Tues, Aug 27th. Hubby started moving on Tuesday and did about 3 trips to Poplar. On Tues he picked me up from school and we headed over to Poplar. We swam in our pool for the first time and just hung out for a little bit.

Wednesday morning we were up at 4 am and started in. Hubby worked for a couple of hours and I started on the house. Packing all the last minute things and making sure everything was ready to go for the movers. They showed up at 8:15 am and were absolutely amazing. By noon they were all packed up and ready to head to Tempe. By this time the cleaning lady had arrived. I hired someone to clean the bathrooms and kitchen so I didn't have to. Best $80 ever!!!  She took over 3 hours to do 2 baths and the kitchen - crazy. Around 1:30 the carpet cleaner came. I had to sit outside with the dogs while he did the carpets. That was brutal as it was hot as hell. All this time, Hubby is at the Poplar St. house with the movers. Thankfully they unpacked a whole lot faster than they packed and by 2:30 Hubby was heading back to Lydia. We had a lot of stuff to still get to Poplar and we were determined to get it done in one trip. Thankfully Hubby had already taken Clusey and his cage to Poplar. But we still had the 3 big dogs. And a ton of stuff. But where there is a will there is a way, and Hubby got all the stuff in the car and there was a little bit of room for the dogs. We packed everyone in and left Lydia for the last time.

By 5 pm we arrived at Poplar. Wow, what a freaking day. We then set our priorities for the night, what absolutely, positively had to be done tonight? We did those, ordered dinner, and pretty much collapsed. As we were going to bed we noticed a problem. The master bedroom was warm. Really. warm. The other bedrooms were like iceboxes. Ugh.... Hubby slept in one of the spare rooms and I slept in the master - heat doesn't really bother me.  We put in a call to an AC company to have them come and look at it and they never got back to me. So Thursday the Hubby slept in the spare room again. Friday we had another company come out and were basically told there was nothing we could do about it. So Hubby slept in the spare room yet another night. Finally, on Saturday he came up with an idea to fix the problem. He covered some of the vents in the cold rooms to force air to be redirected to the warmer rooms. Success. He finally got to sleep in the master bedroom.

Poplar St. is much further from school and having only 1 car was going to be an issue. So Sunday we went and bought Hubby a truck. It's nice and we got a decent deal so I'm happy. Now I have my own car again. Granted it's a mini-van, but at least I have my own wheels now.

Which brings us to today, Labor Day. I made an appointment at Orange Theory to try out their workout. There is one 4 minutes from my house. So I went this morning and it was awesome. I worked my ass off, but it was nothing harmful like Crossfit. So I signed up for 8 a month to give it a shot. I'm excited to do it regularly.

Well, that catches us up on the big move. We still have lots to do, we'll be unpacking for a while, but we are here and in. We went from 2100 to 1300 sf so we may be getting rid of some things as we go. That's okay, we don't need stuff.

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