22 September 2019

The Artist's Way

So I read some of this book and one of the first things recommended is that you write every morning for 3 pages. I just tried to do that and my arm/hand went numb. So since writing longhand is out I'm going to use this blog as my dump and I'm going to write for 15 minutes.  No one reads it anyway and I haven't been using it much lately, so this is as good a place as any. We are supposed to just do a brain dump, so here goes.

I really love our new house. I love the house. I love the yard. I love the neighborhood and area. It is really awesome. The house is old and has some issues, but nothing we can't deal with. The neighborhood is quiet. Really. quiet. And the area is amazing. Everything is close by. Every. Thing. There are tons of parks and walking paths and canals and cool places to just cruise around. Mavy and I walked the canal yesterday and it was awesome. They have a concrete path for bikes and a dirt path for walkers/runners.  There were tons of people out using the path and it was amazing. I can't wait to do it again. Last weekend we also discovered a giant park not far from here. We have a small park close by which is nice, but lots of people walk their dogs there so it can get dicey. But the big park is huge. We went there and walked the dogs around and they loved it. Hubby even wants to get a bike so we can ride the canal paths when it gets a little cooler. I love that.

I also love the house. I realize now that I am not the HOA, fancy house kind of person. I never felt really comfortable in Lydia Ln. I loved the house, but honestly, I think I loved the idea of that house more than the actual house. I have thought I wanted a house like that for ever. Before we moved to Hawaii, tracts were coming up like this house and I thought I really wanted one. Well, I was wrong. In just 3 years they turned me off HOAs completely - what a shit show that was. I like a house I can do whatever I want to whenever the mood strikes. So this house has not HOA and that is awesome. But, the city of Tempe has some kind of appearance code because all the houses look nice, yards are maintained and it doesn't look horrible. So that's awesome. Yeah, I never felt like I could paint a room in Lydia Lane a different color than the rest of the house. This house I don't have that problem with and am already trying to decide what color my office/craft room should be.

I like the fact of an office/craft room too. I do want to be more creative and having them together will help that. Plus I have a TV so I can do either while watching TV. Love it.

And the yard, OMG!!! That yard is so awesome. Grass and trees and plants and it's amazing. Everytime I sit out there I think and/or remark how much I love the yard. The pool is pretty amazing too. 10 ft deep or so. Awesome. Yeah, this was the right move. I don't even mind the commute. I have time to either gear up for the day or wind down from the day on my drive. I love it.

I am a little concerned about the money. Our mortgage went up. We bought a truck so we have a payment and a higher insurance payment. Also, more gas because we both drive back and forth to work each day. So I'm a little concerned about the money, but I'm sure it will work out. We wasted a whole lot of money on stuff we didn't need. Things will be tight for a little while but it will all even out. I'm confident of that.

Well, what else. Not sure and I'm nearing the end of my 15 minutes. So if these stop abruptly it's because time ran out. I'm stopping at 15 minutes regardless of what I'm writing. This should be an interesting experiment. We'll see how it goes. Need to work it into my regular routine in the mornings. I have the time, just need to be focused and get it done.

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