16 August 2019

Living Intentionally

3 years ago we had an auto accident that I'm still not sure how we walked away from. After that, the way I viewed life was very different. I had a bit of a passion for living. I also learned to live more in the now. Over the last 3 years that has slipped away a little. I've fallen into old habits and I don't like it and want to change it. 

I have goals and dreams for my life. There are things I still want to do. But I find myself saying, eh, too tired. Or I'll do it tomorrow. Or I'll do it next week. Or some such nonsense. Part of that is because I've fallen back into old habits. I spend literally hours on this computer doing nothing. I scroll Facebook until I have seen everything on there. I play a stupid computer game, which is fun but does not need to be played for hours on end. Shit, the first thing I do in the morning or when I get home from work is turn on this computer. That just sets me up to spend far too much time on it. So things need to change. 

My goals really are rather simple: 

  • Craft and get creative more
  • train Maverick
  • spend time with the Hubby
  • relax and enjoy life
  • travel some
that's it. But none of those things are compatible with hours on the computer. 

In the new house, things will be set up differently and sitting on this for hours will be less appealing. But I would like to start weaning myself away now. I still have some packing to do for the move, I think I will move that up on my priority list. I want to start working with Maverick on some basic stuff and I want to make that a habit every day, so I'll start doing that. I think it's time to wean myself from this electronic monster. 

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