02 July 2021


 I'm supposed to be doing at least 3 minutes of gratitude every day this week and I've completely forgotten about it. I have been doing 10 minutes of unentertained time after I meditate but not the gratitude journaling. Oh well, it's Friday. I'll do today and tomorrow and Sunday and it will have to do. Here goes: 

I am grateful for the intelligence to work things through and be able to logic things out. I see so many people who just don't have that ability and it is downright scary. 

I am grateful that the worst of the Covid pandemic is over, at least it appears that way. I'm grateful that everyone we love made it through safely and that we are no healthy and happy. 

I am grateful for summer vacations. Being a teacher is hard, really, really hard and having a few weeks to rest and regroup is not only welcome but compeltely necessary.  

I am grateful for my new standing desk. It is so awesome to not have to sit all the time. I love being able to stand and work, it's awesome. 

I am grateful for my Bella and Lola for as long as I have left with them. They are both aging kind of rapidly and I know we have more time behind us than in front of us, but I am truly grateful for each moment I get with them. 

I am grateful for YNAB. Finding that budgeting software has really helped me with my money handling. I was never good at it but at least now I have a bit of control. 

And that's it for today. That was 5 minutes because my watch doesn't have a 3 minute choice and I'm too lazy to set it myself. Time to move on. 

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