04 October 2021

Time for a change

 I started writing a post on a group I'm in and realized that it was not what I thought it would be about so I decided to come and work it out here. 

My low back has been bothering me like crazy recently. It's the low back and the outside of my left leg. It's gotten to the point where I've been taking ibuprofen and I never do that. So I know that this pain is most likely related to the excess amount of fat I carry around my gut. It just hangs there and I'm sure that's not good on my back. I've been seeing the chiro every week and that's not really helping. So it's time to provide a little analysis and deep digging into fixing this. 

What would help this? Well, losing some of the fat will help. How can I do that? Well, it all boils down to eating right and moving, that's the real key to everything. Eating has been fairly good but I let Hubby dictate too much what I eat. I need to have a long talk with him and get this eating thing straightened out. The movement, well, I could do more. I hardly ever hit 10,000 steps. Ever. My workouts are sporadic at best. I have no consistency in either of these two areas. Maybe I should start there. Moving more. Also, I know from past experience that once I start moving more the eating will fall in line. I won't want things that are no good for me. So I need to work on the movement, got it. 

Losing fat however, will take some time so I need to do something now about the pain. I could roll and stretch everyday. Every. Day. Not when I think of it. Not when it's convenient. Not when I feel like it. Every. Day. I have a series of stretches that I have been doing to help balance out the muscles in my lower body, I can do those. I also have balls and rollers so I can roll things out until they get better. Okay, I'm on it. Time to make a habit tracker and get this stuff done. 

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