20 November 2021

Analysis after the fact

 I woke up yesterday feeling absolutely amazing. Amazing!!!! My body felt good. My mind was clear and settled. Just amazing. I went to the chiro and then to the gym. Had a great workout. After we went to lunch at our usual place, Cold Beer & Cheeseburger. Came back home and I was feeling some sweets. I didn't give in, but I was really feeling them. Took a short nap in my reading chair. Came in here and started cleaning up my room. Took Mavy for a short walk, after the dog fight last night I wanted to make sure he wasn't going to be afraid going out. We ended up having dinner of soup and sandwich, that is always nice because it's light and not so heavy. Then I felt like dessert. Really felt like dessert. So much so that I drove to Safeway and bought some. We ate it, carrot cake, and then we went to bed. I didn't do my stretches like I've been doing for the last almost 2 weeks. Now the question is why. Why did I eat the dessert and why did I not do my stretches. Time to dig in an analyze. 

I have not had any sweets in the past couple of weeks and beer definitely makes me crave them a little. That doesn't mean that I haven't wanted them. I think about them frequently but have managed to talk myself out of them for quite a while now. But last night I couldn't or didn't want to. It wasn't even a really strong craving even. It was a much deeper desire to have some dessert. I know that it is okay once in a while and I know that it will kind of get the insides moving if they stall. So I actually think I'm okay with eating the dessert. I don't feel so amazing this morning, but I also don't feel horrible. A little bloated but that's about it. 

As for my stretches. To be completely honest, my back felt amazing until I went to the chiro. After the chiro I felt a little discomfort in my back that I haven't felt in a couple of days. I think that kind of put me off the stretching a little. Well, that and I was really full from the carrot cake. Again, not the end of the world, just something I don't want to make a habit of. 

I'm okay with my choices. I'm not beating myself up, it is what it is. I made those choices in the moment last night, I'll make my choices today for today. It's okay to eat the cake and not do the stretches once in a while. It's okay. 

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