20 November 2021

Time for a little introspection

 I feel like I'm at the point in my life where many things are in place. I have a career that I enjoy (most times) and am good at (most times). I have the house I want and live in a place I really do love. I have money in the bank and am not really wanting for anything. So what things would I like to do every day that would make my life better? That is the million dollar question. Let's spitball.....

  • Reading. This is a great thing to do. It opens my mind and exposes me to new things that I may not have considered before. So this is a good thing to do every single day. The thing is, I read every night before bed. Does that count? Granted that is fiction, but it's reading. So do I count that or do I wish to add more reading on top of that? 
  • Sitting in the front room. This is something I really enjoy doing. Yesterday I sat in one of my awesome chairs playing Animal Crossing and really loved it. I love looking out the front window at my awesome little cul-de-sac. If I added more reading to my day, this is where I would do it. So I definitely think more reading is in order. 
  • Games. I currently play two games, one of them on two devices. I enjoy these games a lot, but I don't really need them to make my life happier or fuller or whatever you want to call it. So I think these should probably be saved for the weekends or when I really and truly have free time. 
  • Tracking my steps. This is something I should do regularly. I tend to not really think about my steps a lot. So I could track my steps daily just to be aware of them. 
  • Hip challenge. That is pretty much non-negotiable now. I have experienced first hand the benefits and I am definitely going to continue this into the future. 
  • Blogging/journaling. This is back in my life. I really enjoy writing and using the writing to think things through. So this is definitely on the list. 
  • The weekly assignment for DMSC. This needs to go on my habit list and be incorporated every single day. These are good and I need to do them. 
Okay, got my 5 habits. Now to write them down and keep at it. 

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