22 November 2021

Gratitude Day 1

 This comes around every few weeks but now that I actually have a blogging habit, I think I can stick with it. Now the instructions are to do this for 3 minutes, I'm going to do my regular 10, and to get some real gratitude, not surface, fluffy stuff. So here goes.......

I am grateful that I live in a place that is relatively safe. I don't have to worry about my life being threatened or taken on a daily basis. At least in general. No where is completely, 100% safe, but I definitely live in a place that comes close. 

I am grateful for my 4A class. They are challenging and frustrating, but they are also forcing me to grow as a teacher and examine my methods. This is good because the real true enemy is the comfort zone. 

I am grateful that I so enjoy the place I work at (except maybe for 4A). I have worked at toxic places where the staff bonded together out of a mutual dislike and distrust of the administration. Working here, where most people truly enjoy working here, is refreshing and makes work fun to go to. 

I am grateful that I have the money to get Bella the surgery she needs. For most of my life I would have been really hard pressed to come up with that much money, but because of growing and learning, I have that money and can get it done for her. 

Which leads to the next topic, I am grateful for being able to grow and learn. I see too many people stuck where they are either in the life or just in their minds. It's sad to see. I understand how it can happen, hell, it happens to me too. But I am super grateful for the ability to see it when it does happen and the ability to change things up. Nothing is impossible. But you have to be open and willing to not only see these things but change them. 

That is good for today. As I was typing this I came up with one of those things I need to be able to see and change. I need to not get frustrated, but look at it as a chance to grow and learn. 

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