23 November 2021

Gratitude Day 2

 Today I am grateful for my ability to problem solve and roll with the punches. I have a class that is just driving me absolutely crazy. Yesterday I did a hard reset with them. I laid out the rules - again - and raised the stakes. No more being nice, time to bring the hammer down. I did this to all of my biology classes. One class did not take it well, the other took it really well. It was amazing. Overall it went well. But I am grateful that I have the ability to problem solve and to work out complex situations and come up with solutions. Not everyone can do that so I am extremely grateful for that ability. 

I'm also incredibly grateful for 2 day work weeks. I don't want them all the time, but occasionally they are amazing. Especially this week, time to rest and recharge. 

I guess that's it today. It is Tuesday and the last school day of the week so yay!!!!  Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. 

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