16 January 2022

My new favorite place

 When I was in my 20s and 30s I was a voracious reader. Voracious. I could not keep enough books around. Then in my 30s I went to college and was forced to read stuff I didn't really enjoy. That sort of destroyed my joy of reading. I still read for fun, but it took forever to finish a book. Before college I could sit and read an entire book in an afternoon. After college, yeah, no. And for years I've been like that. I enjoy reading but it seems to have lost all the joy I found in it. Then I decided to redo the front room. I've posted about it before, but here is a picture of it all complete. 

This has become my favorite room in the house. On the weekends when I'm not in a rush to get going, I will meditate, blog, and then sit in there and read until Hubby gets up. I will even go and sit there in the middle of the day and read if I have nothing pressing to do. I simply love this room. And it has sparked my joy of reading again. I have a number of books to read in that bookcase. I don't read my Kindle there, the Kindle is for bed. Here I read real books. So this has been my newest obsession and it's gotten me back into reading so that's good. 

I've been trying to break the Facebook habit for a while now and since I have groups where I get important information, it's been hard. Kind of like dieting. You can't give up food completely because you need it to live, same with Facebook. As soon as I say that's it, no more, I'll realize that I need to go look something up. This room is helping break that Facebook addiction. By having this place to go to when I'm bored, I don't cruise Facebook for endless hours. 

Okay, enough. Time to go read. 

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