17 January 2022

Late this morning

 First, it's a holiday and we have the day off. Yay!!! But I woke up at 5am and the power was out. Ugh!!! Still got up because our power company is pretty good and usually gets things back on quickly. But it took about 2 hours today. I have a little book light so I read for a while. I scrolled on my phone for a while and then I dozed in my chair for a little while. Then, boom the power came back on. I noticed while it was off how quiet the house is. When it came back on I immediately noticed the hum of all the electrical things. 

In other news, I belong to this group on FB that is about a workout program I use on the Oculus - which is a total blast. One of the things I noticed about that group right away is the extrinsic motivation for using it. Has anyone lost weight using it? I've been doing it every day and haven't lost any weight!! Look I can see muscles!!! Ugh!!!!  I get so tired of reading these things. Can't we do it just to do it and have fun with it? Does everything need to have a goal? I'm using it to get more overall activity in my day and to have some fun doing it. My ultimate goal is to drop some of this body fat but I know that is complex issue and not something that a VR program will fix quickly for me. So I've unfollowed the group and will go look at it if I have a question. Done and done. 

Speaking of the Oculus,  I really am having a blast with that thing. If I'm bored or have been siting too long, I will jump on and do a couple of songs on BeatSaber or Supernatural. So much fun. And I can feel it in my upper back and shoulders which is completely awesome, but not something I'm striving for. What I'm finding is that my overall energy levels are increasing which means I'm moving more and that is what I'm after. My energy levels had tanked and I didn't have the energy to do almost anything. Now at least I have some energy and I'm hoping to get more and more as I keep moving and eating right. I've also started working on my back and hips. I plan to do that every night and throw in a little core work. I know if I can strengthen my core it will help my back. So every night I'm going to do the Happy Back Challenge, then the Hip Opening Challenge, then a little core work. I've pretty much given up on TV during the week so this should not be a big issue. Also, if I don't get to do VR during the week, that's okay too. As long as I keep moving and adding to my steps I'll be happy. 

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