04 January 2022

The knee

 The f*&^*&)) knee. On Sunday I thought I hit on something. I wore my Uggs and had my big insoles in them and my knee felt great. Yesterday I wore my big insoles in my tennis shoes and the knee felt really good most of the day. When I walked Mavy last night it started to act up again and it bothered me while I slept. But now that I think about it, it's not really pain like before, it's more of a weakness. It would make sense that the muscles around it are weak, I've been babying it for 6 weeks. So I think it's time to start building those muscles up. 

And talk about tired. After 2 weeks of being sick and sitting or laying around, I was on my feet all day yesterday and I was wiped out when I came home. I walked Mavy and then laid on the couch playing Animal Crossing. Just before bed time, I got inspired and felt like playing Beat Saber so I did. I also did a really short workout on Supernatural (those are all on the oculus). It was fun and I went to bed, read for just a few minutes, and passed out. So I guess it was worth it. 

So I woke up a  little tired this morning. I feel like it's going to be a long, long day. 

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