05 January 2022

Morning Brain Dump

 Got nothing to really write about this morning, so I'm doing a bit of a brain dump. 

In spite of all my preparing for the last 2 weeks, I literally do not know what I'm doing today. Awesome!! I personally love scrambling during first period to figure out what I'm doing in class that day. Yay!!!

Tired, so, so, so tired. I realized yesterday that part of the reason I was so tired is my complete lack of activity for the last 2 weeks. I don't know what my average daily step count was but it was low. Very, very low. I know that one day I only got around 2,000 steps. I now see the problems with that and I'm going to fix it no matter how much it hurts. And trust me, it hurts. Yesterday my feet and legs were killing me. Killing!!!! Me!!!!!

Which really brings home the importance of working out and doing things. I've used the fact that 'I don't feel like it' for long enough. I may not feel like working out in the moment but I definitely don't want to feel this way again. 

It is good to be back into a routine though. During break I spent so much time sitting around, playing games, and generally not doing anything productive. It does feel good to be back into a routine and do things again. I'm even able to keep moving and doing during class which is awesome. After class I completely collapse, but hey, whatever. 

The knee seems to be feeling a lot better today. Woke up to it being a little stiff, but once I got moving it felt great. Yay!!! Baby steps with the knee. 

I got nothing else. I'm sitting here typing this and yawning. I literally just got up, why the heck am I yawning? But that's how incredibly tired I am. That's okay, it will pass and I will adjust. I let the break get to me too much. I was very inactive. I slept in too late. All that adds to this exhaustion but I know that I'll get through it. 

Okay, about a minute and a half until my tree is done. I have traffic duty this morning and science bowl this afternoon. Wednesday is always the hardest but Thursday is usually awesome. I do love having 4 day work weeks. Hopefully by next week I'll be completely back into the swing of things. 

And now I wait for the tree to be done growing.............

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