24 February 2022

And again with the knee

 So yesterday was not a good day and I'm not sure why. Since Saturday, my knee has been feeling so damn good. That Voltaren has helped it so, so much and I went for long stretches with no pain at all. Then yesterday my knee hurt when I was sleeping. It hurt when I got up. It hurt on and off all day. It was definitely not good. I'm not sure why. I don't remember doing anything to aggravate it. I didn't stretch on Tuesday night and I'm wondering if that is part of it. I wonder if my hip opening challenge is really helping me with the knee? Because that's the only thing I didn't do and things were much worse. Last night I made sure to do my stretches and put a whole bunch of Voltaren on it and it felt great last night. I was also careful to keep the leg as straight as possible when I slept. The only other thing is my shoes. All weekend I wore my Altras with my medium insoles is them. Yesterday for work I wore my Skechers shoes with my big insoles. But truthfully my knee hurt right from the moment I got up. So I honestly don't think it was my shoes, but it could have been. Interestingly enough, the knee feels much, much better when I stand than when I sit for any length of time. So I try to spend as much time on my feet as possible, I think I need to focus on spending even more. 

So I forgot to grow a tree and I've really said all I have to say, so I'm going to go now. Hopefully today is better knee wise. 

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