25 February 2022

Time for some self-care

 I tend towards depression. I'm not really sure exactly why, but there are times when I find myself dipping into a slight depression, more like a lethargy or an apathetic state. I've been that way this week. I know when it happens because there are outward signs. One of the main ones being that I completely ignore my planner and my budget. Anything that requires a decent amount of time and/or commitment I will put off. That is a sure sign that something is really, really wrong. I've been that way the last weekish???  I have even been avoiding my hip opening challenge which makes me feel good physically and mentally. So that all ends today. Today I am going to devote to self care which involves things like my planners and my stretching and taking care of my mental health. I'm done with the lethargy/apathy, just done with it. I have some appointments to make, I have some things I want to do (think tattoo), and I've been putting them off for some reason I'm not completely sure of. So time to step up. 

As for that aforementioned tattoo, I need to get the complete design that I want and decide what I'm having done first. I'm trying to decide between a sleeve or a leg sleeve. I really want to do it on the arm. Anyway, I need to figure out what I want (I think I know) and the layout of it. 

Also time to kick up the exercise. The doc recommends 20 minutes a day and I need to pick it up to that. I do that most days but I need to make sure I'm getting it every single day. No more lazy days. 

To be brutally honest, as I'm typing this, in my head I'm going well, yeah, maybe....Bullshit!!!! I'm doing it. Even if I have to force myself and make myself do things that I don't want to. Lethargy/apathy gets me freaking nothing. I'm over it. So if I have to force myself, I will. What is that saying???  

And that's exactly what I'm going to do. I have a list of things to do, I'm going to keep moving and going through that list no matter how I feel. 

Okay, the tree is done, time to hit the list. 

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