06 February 2022

Could it be that easy?

 Yesterday we participated in a mystery game. It's called CluedUp and it is run through an app on your phone. Hubby and I and two friends did it. It took place downtown Phoenix and you walk to different locations, investigate crime scenes, interview suspects, drop off evidence at the lab, etc. It's fun for a number of reasons. 

  1. It's gets you out of the house and walking around. That is always good. 
  2. You get to explore areas where you may not go regularly. 
  3. You get to find cute little places to sit and have a drink or some food in. 
  4. You get to solve a mystery which is always fun. 
We probably walked around 2.5 miles in total and we did solve the mystery - yay!!!!

As I was prepping for this, I never once considered my knee. It literally never crossed my mind. So when we began yesterday, I thought uh-oh, is this going to work? But I didn't seem to have any trouble or pain walking so I didn't say anything. We walked and walked and walked and I had no trouble with my knee. Then it happened, I went to step down a curb and turn to say something to someone at the same time. My knee twisted a little bit and I heard/felt a loud pop. I thought, uh-oh, that's the end. But, to my surprise, after that my knee felt amazing. Zero pain anywhere. I was a little skeptical so kept paying attention to it. Nothing. Not a twinge, a pull, a zing, nothing. So we finished the game and decided to head out of downtown to have a drink and dinner. The car ride would be the real test. Usually sitting makes it stiffen up. So I get to the destination and get out of the car with very little problems. It was a tiny bit stiff, but there was no pain at all to speak of and the stiffness went away in just 2 or 3 steps. So then we sat for about an hour having dinner and when I got up again, tiny bit of stiffness but it went away almost immediately. Huzzah, could I have done something helpful to my knee? Last night we went into the hot tub before bed. I could feel my knee during the night, not pain but definitely could feel it when I moved it certain ways. Got up this morning and walked on it just fine. In fact, got up during the night and walked on it just fine. It's not 100% but it's probably 99.5%.  I did not take any ibuprofen last night and I'm going to try not to take any today. We will see how this goes. 

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