11 February 2022

Time to move on

 So I finally ended my journey with DMSC. I can't help but wonder if I'm doing this because he has moved so much of his energy into the other group. But I don't think that is the sole reason. I really believe that I am done with that group. I really feel like I'm heading in a little bit of a different direction. It was great to get me this far focusing on things that affect a lot of women, now it's my time to focus on me. 

The knee is slowly getting better and better. I've stopped taking ibuprofen and it still improves. The first step or two when I get up is hard, but after that it is usually all good. Standing is definitely better than sitting for the knee. I also finished the back challenge and started the hip opening challenge again. I plan on alternating hip and back so that I'm always doing something before bed. I think it will help a lot. I've also learned the value of being strong and am going to continue to go to the gym to work on that. 

This is super bowl weekend. The official end of football season. We are having some folks over on Sunday so that should be fun. Otherwise it will be a weekend of working and cleaning. Lots I want to get done this weekend. 

I forgot to start the tree, but that's all I really have for today. I want to dive in on some things I want to do. So I will go for now. 

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