09 April 2022

Thoughts on weight loss

I am having some thoughts on weight loss fat loss recently  and I thought I'd work them out here. I've been weighing myself every morning because for me that is nothing but data. On Thursday morning I was 214.8 and yesterday I was 216.6. I didn't get upset, it didn't ruin my day, and I certainly didn't beat myself up, but it did make me think. What affects the number on the scale? I know that I had a big dinner the night before so maybe that was it. I also had a couple of salty snacks on Thursday, so maybe that was it. I also didn't weigh myself at the time I normally do, so maybe that was it. Or could it have been hydration? I didn't drink a lot on Thursday so maybe I was a bit dehydrated. There are so many things but I would like to find some correlations to work on. Now logically I know that I did not 'gain' almost 2 pounds in 1 day. I would have had to eat 7,000 calories to do that and I did not. But I also know that without enough water my body holds on to water. With too much salt my body holds on to water. At different times weight can be influenced by different things. I just weighed myself this morning and it is almost 2 hours later than normal weighing and I have drunk almost a cup of coffee. All these things can influence the number on the scale. However, I do want the number to continue downward and I'm not sure how to do that exactly. I know that I need to eat right, not less, and I need to be more active. Thankfully my knee is getting better and I can be more active. Yesterday I walked the canal for the first time in 5 months - albeit I did it alone since Mavy is laid up with a bum knee, but I did it. Last week I attempted it and had to turn around because of knee pain so things are getting better. I remember when I used to walk 6 miles on a Saturday morning, I want to do that again. I want to get up early in the summer and go hiking. I want to do that and I'm going to do that as this knee heals. I also did Supernatural yesterday. I have really fallen in love with the boxing. I love that so, so much. I honestly never thought that would be my thing, but it definitely is. I like the flow too, but the boxing is where it's at for me. I found a new one too, Oh Shape. These walls fly at you and you have to make the shape that's in the wall. It's pretty low key but I think will be a good way to warm up for Supernatural. Then of course there are my PT exercises. I just had a thought about those. They take an hour a night to go through the whole sequence. What if I broke them up into 2 parts. I could do one part one night and the other part the next night. I would do the stretches every night. That would only take me half an hour a night instead of an hour. It has also gotten nice enough to go in the pool after work, so I have to make time for pool, Supernatural, and then PT. PT is done after dinner and before bed so that is separate from the others. But do I go in the pool first and then do Supernatural? I think so. The sun goes down and then it gets too cool to go in the pool. So pool first, then Supernatural. And steps, can we talk about steps for a minute. I need to get those up. Really, really up. Okay, this week was testing week and it was a lot of watching the scholars take tests and that involved a lot of sitting out of sheer boredom. But that is over and it is time to get really, truly serious about steps. I am going to go on my long walks on the weekends, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays, but during the week I need to get those step numbers up. 

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