05 May 2022

Off the rails

 Today the eating was off the rails. I wasn't really hungry this morning but I wanted something. So I stopped at McDonald's and got a sausage McMuffin with egg. My thought was that I could eat just the insides and throw the muffin away. Yeah, that didn't happen. Then one of my students came in and gave me a donut for teacher appreciation week and I ended up eating it. The PTO made lunch for us and one of the moms made gluten free brownies. I had one. And then I had 2 more. They were good. Thankfully I did not eat after that until we ate dinner and I kept that under control. 

So in doing some analysis, why did this happen? The truth is I've been craving some carbs for a few days and I've managed to fight it off. I think, and I have nothing to base this on but my anecdotal experiences, but I think I need some carbs every so often. I was expecting to feel like crap, and I may tomorrow, after eating all that, but I actually felt a little energized. I thought the sugar in 3 brownies would send me crashing by 5pm. Nope, felt fine. So I'm beginning to thing that I can eat sweets and carbs at certain times providing I've avoided them for a long time. 

Now I probably will feel like complete crap tomorrow and regret every bite I took today, but right now it's not that bad.

In other news, I got a firmware update to my Whoop and it seems to be working over my tattoo. I'm going to wear it this way tonight and see what happens. 

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