05 May 2022

Panda Planner - a small review

 I love me a good planner. I have reached the point in my life, or maybe I've always been this way just didn't know it, where if I don't write things down they are gone. If I have something to do and don't write it down, chances are it won't get done. If I did something and try to remember when or where, if it's not written down it's gone. So I do love me a good planner. But I could not find one that completely worked for me. I fell into the trap of decorating my planner and that just became too overwhelming and I would stop using it because I couldn't decorate it right or enough or at all. Then I would try to go minimalist, but there are some days when there is just not a whole lot happening and it would look like I didn't have a life. Granted, some days I don't, but I don't want it to look that way. I've tried almost every name planner under the sun; Passion Planner, Plum Planner, Erin Condron, Happy Planner, just to name a few. Then a friend mentioned Panda Planner. Hmmm, I've never heard of that one so I went to check it out. It looked intriguing. 

They have a number of different styles, daily, weekly, etc. I decided to go with the daily just for the things it has. Here is what a page looks like: 

I love this daily page for a couple of reasons. First, it has a morning and evening routine. That is important to me since I forget to look at my planner for days on end. So having a routine where I need to start and end each day is awesome. It also has all that psychological stuff like gratitude, things I'm looking forward to, affirmations, things like that. That is a fabulous way to start the day and one of the reasons I started blogging in the mornings again. 

Then it has a small schedule. I love this because generally my day isn't highly scheduled, there are just general times when I need to do things, so this works for me. But it does have a priority list, which is perfect. Here I put the things I want to get done during the day. Most of the time it doesn't matter when I get them done, just that I do them. So just having a priority list is really works for me. Then there is also a task list for the little things that you must do but don't necessarily require a priority box. 

Then there is the evening routine where I have to sit and wrap up my day. There is also a habit tracker at the top. You pick a habit every month and then you can check off every day that you have done that habit. This is great for me because I will want to do something regularly and then forget about it. Can't forget with this thing. 

They also have a monthly section: 

I don't use the monthly all that much, but I'm going to try with this one. 

And there is a weekly section: 

I have come to love reviews of the past. I love how Passion Planner has a monthly review to complete every month. I really think that I will love this weekly review. I think shorter time spans will work a lot better for me. 

So I've been using it since May 1st and I'm loving it so far. I will update this review at the beginning of June to see how I like it after a month. 

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