11 May 2022

Time for an update

 I only have these 10 minutes so I'll get right to the point. I've been sick since Sunday. This sucks. It's just a head cold but it still sucks. What really sucks is that in this time of Covid I feel bad going out in public sick. But I honestly have no choice. Okay, I could have stayed home yesterday. I took Monday off and it would not have been a big deal to take yesterday off also, but I didn't want to. I laid around Sunday and Monday, I was ready to do something yesterday. It worked out fine. I'm feeling somewhat better today so hopefully it will be a good day. 

In other news, I signed up for a hike with a group that I've been part of for a while but not really joined in. They schedule hikes, slow and easy hikes, in some great places, but I haven't joined in. Well, I put myself out there and decided to just jump in and go for it. It's on the 21st I believe, it's a Saturday, and it's in Payson. It will be a great drive and it will be a great hike and the fact that I'm putting myself out there is the greatest part. I'm excited. 

School is rapidly coming to a close. There are 2 weeks left. Next week is the seniors last week and the following week is it. Boom, done. I cannot wait. It has been such a crazy year, I'm ready for it to be over. Then I get to start working on next year and using a different curriculum. I'm excited about that because I feel like it's more complete than the one I'm using. So that will be awesome. I think I'm going to go to school to work also, that will at least give me a couple of hours of focused time. But initially I think I'm taking at least a week off. I'm going to swim and read and watch TV and go to the gym and get up early and hike and walk and do all the things I want to do. Then I'm going to schedule my summer as I'm not going to be working on school the whole time. I'm going to have some days that are school free but I'm going to schedule them so I have boundaries. I'm going to be a lot more structured in my classroom also, but this is stuff best left for the other blog. I watched a teacher vlogger last night who has quit teaching and is making enough money from YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to survive. Actually he said he is making more from those than he was from teaching. And he is flying all over the country doing all kinds of things. For a brief minute I got jealous, but then realized that I don't want that. I don't want the pressure of having to keep creating new and interesting content in order to survive. Yes, teaching is hard and it doesn't pay crap, but what happens if you start to lose your followers? Your income goes down? How does that all work? Yikes, no. I'm not that much of a risk taker. 

Okay, the tree has grown and I'm out. 

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