03 May 2022

Just a bunch of random thoughts

 I didn't blog yesterday because I was tired. Really. Really. Tired. End of the year teacher tired. I seriously had trouble making it through the day yesterday. I think it's because of my sleep patterns on the weekends. I've developed this habit or this routine of sleeping well Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, but come Sunday night I don't sleep so well. I don't know if it's because of my lack of activity or lack of mental stimulation or what. But I don't sleep well on Sundays then Mondays are a drag - literally. Need to do something about that. 

We only have 13 more days of classes. Woot Woot!!! 3 more Mondays. Woot Woot!!! It is coming down to the wire and I personally could not be happier. I'm thinking of taking the easy way out this year and doing an all multiple choice final exam. It's been a rough year for everyone and I could just make it easy on myself and my students. 

So Whoop is working great. Getting good data. Not sure what it all means just yet, but I'm getting it and that is awesome. I went to bed when it told me to last  night but I guess because I read in bed I still didn't get enough sleep. I'm not convinced that 8 hours work for me and I don't think Whoop is going to convince me. But we will see. I will follow it's instructions once summer is here. 

Did my meditation outside this morning for the first time this spring/summer. I love to meditate outside in the mornings when it's quiet and there is still a little chill in the air. Love it. But I have to do it early enough so that Hubby doesn't get up and turn the TV on in the middle. That ruins everything. It was around 62F when I headed out there. It was cold but felt amazing. 

That's kind of it. Came home yesterday and hung in the pool for a while, then did a little Supernatural. Felt good. I don't have anything more to say really. I think I forgot to start my tree so I'm going to call it good. 

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