29 May 2022

Time to start summer

 The last day of school was Thursday. Actually it was Wednesday. We had classes on Wednesday, then graduation that night. On Thursday we had the awards assembly which was from 8 - 11. Then we had lunch provided by the PTO and we were done. I purposefully planned a few days of complete and total down time. I had no plans on doing anything on Friday or Saturday. Friday I had a couple of appointments and then we went to lunch. Later that night we went and saw Top Gun: Maverick in the theater and that was awesome. Yesterday we had some friends over to say goodbye to Bella and we just hung in the pool all day. Side note: I seem to have gotten a sunburn on my arms and across my shoulders. I never get sunburned. What the hell happened. Back to my story. Today Hubby is going to a friend's party. They have this party every year but I am just not up for it. It's a group of people that have known each other for years and sit around and drink. There is also a younger group that hang in the pool and drink. I'm pretty much off drinking so this really doesn't appeal to me. So I'm going to stay home and spend another day relaxing and planning. 

I need to plan exactly what I want to do this summer. I can't just let the days go by or nothing will get done. I need to have a plan with goals and a schedule and everything. So that is what I'm doing today.

Part of the plan will involve my health and fitness. I went to the doc on Friday and got my blood tested again and things were considerably better, though not perfect. So that is definitely something to work on. Also, I want to be able to move freely. I feel like I'm still stiff and a little unsteady on my feet so time to work on that. I know that I'll be going to the gym 4 days a week and I'll be doing my PT stretches/exercises. I also want to do the hip opening challenge. When I do that consistently it really, really helps. And walking. Mavy and I are going to walk every single day. 

Part of the plan will also involve school work. Almost every summer I say that I'm going to plan the school year out so that I don't have to do it during the year. And almost every summer I don't do that and end up throwing something together at the last minute and then struggling all year. Not this year. This year I really am going to spend some time each week planning and laying out the year. I'm tired of not knowing what I'm doing from day to day. I need to have a roadmap, a good one. So that is going to be my goal also. 

In previous years, I've said okay I need to do X, Y, and Z before summer is over. But then I don't do that and the week before we return comes and I'm scrambling to get something organized. Not this year. This year I'm going to sit down and schedule what I need to accomplish each week so that I'm done by the end of summer. There also needs to be time for relaxing in the pool, hanging with friends, reading, and maybe even napping. But I really need to have a plan. 

Okay, the tree has grown and I'm going to take Mavy for a short walk. 

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