03 July 2022

Planner Peace! ?? or back to simplicity

 I got the new inserts for my Traveler's notebook yesterday and I think I may be in total love. They are pretty simple, a monthly layout in one book, and a weekly layout in another book. They are all undated so I sat yesterday and dated the monthly calendar all the way until December 2023. I am set as far as the calendar goes. I'm excited about that. One of the problems with larger, undated planners is that you run out of months. Most only have 6 monthly calendars. Most dated planners have 12 months, but they are large and bulky. My Traveler's notebook is small and yet has all I need. I do not have time for all the decorating and fancy planning. I need something that will keep me on track and make me not forget things. Here is what it looks like: 

Here is what it looks like. I bought this leather cover because I loved it and then I didn't use it much. I love the leather. 

This is the monthly book. I love it. It is big enough to write things in, but small enough to carry around easily. I went through and numbered 18 months. Then I marked all the school holidays and meetings, and breaks and such. 

And this is the weekly book. So simple and clean. Days on one side and a giant to-do list on the other. This works for my brain. I rarely have things that need to be done on a specific day unless it's an appointment. Otherwise, I just have an ongoing list of things that I need to do. So this will be perfect to keep track of things all week. 

I also have a blank book behind these two that I am using to keep track of my CTY hours and then whatever else I need to jot down. Finally, I have a plastic holder and a canvas holder in the back-back so that I can stick things if I need to. Plus, this is not a huge planner that takes up all the writing space on my desk. I can sit it there and see it, but it's not in the way. 

So my plan is to sit down every morning and make sure all my to-dos and appointments are in there. In the evenings I will sit and see what I got done and what I didn't. Both of these things should take me no more than 10 minutes total. Finally, on Sundays I will transfer any unfinished business to the next week and be ready to go. 

So I believe that I have found planner peace with the pure simplicity of this system. Can I add a sticker if I want? Yes! Can I draw something if I want? Yes! But I am not setting up a high standard of decoration that I can't keep up with and then I feel like a loser. So I am happy. 

I am also going to make a real effort with this system. I'm going to work on making it a habit over the next few weeks so that it becomes a habit and just part of my life. That's really the key, making it part of my life. I'm going to make it happen. I don't want these things in my head. I want them on paper. I want to look at the list and just do things. 

I got this!!!!

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