05 October 2022

Daily Workout Day 3

 Forgot to post last night but I have a few minutes this morning so thought I'd do it quick. 

Last night was a Supernatural night. I can't dig it up right now but I did a boxing Monster (that means a longer workout) and a flow. So two workouts and that took about an hour. Then I walked Mavy around the block because he was a nutjob and it was nice out. So yeah, lots of movement today. Woo Hoo!!!!

Just a brief note as I wait for my shawl to dry, I feel good. I feel really, really good. C has stopped drinking and is just great to be around now. That has reduced my stress and anxiety and probably my blood pressure. Working out has also helped with all that. But honestly the situation with C had gotten so completely untenable that I wasn't in a headspace to focus on working out or really taking care of myself. On the nights he would drink I would eat junk because I was stuffing my feelings down and trying my damnedest to ignore the situation right in front of me. I have felt a distinct change in my emotional state since he stopped drinking. I'm not walking on eggshells any more. I no longer have the feeling that I'm in this whole marriage thing alone. I really did feel that way. I could hardly talk to him about anything. He would either get angry or not remember. It was pretty miserable and I didn't really see what was happening until it fully stopped. OMG, I just had a sort of epiphany. My leg has not really bothered me for weeks. Could my leg/knee pain have been a manifestation of the tension I was under? Wow, it is definitely possible. 

Which now leads me to another thought. I've been toying with the idea of returning to DMSC. I listen to the podcasts every week and while I try to write him off as annoying and full of himself, which he is, he also has some really good points. I did learn a lot from him and I continue to learn from the podcasts. So maybe I will email him and see if I can get back in. I bet he will let me back. I may do that this morning. 

Okay, time to get moving. 

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