06 October 2022

Day 4 - Rest Day

 Although I really felt like working out yesterday, I am taking rest days. I know they are important. Maybe not a big deal now, since I'm just starting out, but as I get further into my fitness journey, they will become important so start the habit now. Also, I have a tendency to take a rest day and then stop for a few days. Or weeks. Or months. Or even years. So this is good practice for developing discipline in my workouts. 

So yesterday was a rest day. I did stretch before bed, but otherwise I did no workouts. Tonight it will be Supernatural again. Tomorrow I'm going to the gym. Which reminds me, I need to plan my gym visit around our trip. So excited for our trip. I've been wanting to travel since we moved here. Finally get to actually do it. 

In other news, I rejoined DMSC. I have been away for 6 months and realized that much of what was going on with me had to do with C's drinking. Now that he's stopped (basically) my anxiety has been greatly reduced and I feel like I can get back to doing the work. 

Okay, I'm at work and should probably be actually doing some work. 

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