05 December 2022

Time to put my foot down and suck it up

 I have been struggling with working out a lot recently. Much more than I have in a while. So it's time to suck it up and just do it. I'm drawing a line in the sand right here and now. 

There it is. That is the line. I will do some kind of workout every single evening. Every. Single. Evening. I get home in plenty of time to get a short workout in. I get home in time to spend 30 - 60 minutes on the couch coloring. If I have time for that, I have time to workout. So did it. 

Today's workout: 
2 rounds: 
30 Russian Twists
15 Alternating Lunges
15 Jump squats
30 Bicycle Crunches. 

Took about 15 minutes. Done and done. I can already feel some muscles that are going to be sore. Probably before I go to bed tonight. Oh, poor baby. 

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