11 December 2022

Workouts, crafts, and my thoughts

 So after my 'put my foot' down post the other day, I started, or actually restarted, my Project Me page. I like having a place to keep all my workouts and such in one place. I like to look things over and review and see how things have changed or if I'm not pushing myself hard enough. So I worked out on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is my designated rest day. Thursday I jumped into crafting and didn't even think about working out. Friday I took Mavy hiking. Yesterday we were up and out really early for a Saturday and when we came home I jumped back into my crafting. So far it's 3 out of 6 days and every day I took Mavy for a walk in the neighborhood. So not spectacular, but a good start. One thing I am not doing is beating myself up for any of my choices. And everything is a choice. So these are all choices I made and I'm not going to get crazy over them. I'm just not. What's done is done, let's move on. 

As for my crafting. I finally got everything for my laser engraver and then yesterday I couldn't make it work right. Ugh!!! I was starting to get really frustrated and had to walk away from it. I don't know exactly what I'm doing wrong. I know that I don't know the program very well, but it looked like I didn't have some options on the control panel. Oh well, today I will play with it again and see if I can figure it out. But once again, I'm not going to beat myself up. When these things happen I'm just going to take a deep breath and see if I can figure it out. No frustration or nonsense necessary. 

So today is football Sunday so that means chores and crafting for me. Right now I'm going to figure out what  I'm going to do and I'm going to restart my laser computer. 

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