05 December 2022

New Crafts

 I'm so excited about my new crafts. Really, really excited. I find them absolutely gorgeous. 

Here is the coaster that it took me all day to make: 

I bought some cheap, slate coasters to play with and of course defaulted to turtles when trying to find a design. This is actually my second one. The first one was just an outline of this turtle. I wanted to see how it would do the first one. It took it less than a minute to complete the outline. So then I decided to do a fill which took it about 15 minutes. I love it. It's sitting on my desk right next to me. 

It's funny how learning something new can truly inspire you and really get you going. I have spent an unknown number of hours watching videos and reading what other people have done. I have been learning the secondary software that is more robust than the original. I have also signed up for a course to learn photoshop so I can design things for my mugs and tumblers. And this has all really got me going. I have something I want to do and I'm working on learning it and I feel energized. There is a craft fair next weekend and I'm thinking of going just to look around at what is being sold and for how much. I have made some tumblers just to make them,  I may post them on my Facebook page just to see if I can sell them, I don't really want them all. I still need to learn some tricks and tips but I'm eager to do that. 

Years ago someone told me, you have to have a goal. Life without a goal is pretty boring. I can see that for the last few years (6 or so) I really had no goals. I had plans, things I wanted to do, but no real goals for my life. I felt like I had done everything I wanted to do and there was nothing more to do. Well, I was wrong. Having a hobby that I find challenging really makes you excited about life again. 

And speaking of life, I'm off to get ready for work. You know, what actually pays the bills.......

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