04 December 2022

Today's the day

 Got almost everything for my laser engraver and today I will be firing it up and engraving my own design. Woot Woot. Super excited and also a little scared. Been reading a lot about laser engraving and feel like I have a much better understanding of it now. Engraving is the easy part, almost any machine will do that. The cutting is the difficult part. Cutting takes a more powerful machine to cut certain materials. Like metal. I'm okay with that. I don't plan on cutting a lot of things, mainly engraving. I can cut thin things, like balsawood, leather, thin metal. It's thicker, larger things that I won't be able to cut. And at this point I think I'm okay with that. I plan on mainly engraving things. Signs, water bottles, etc. Just engraving. So today will be the trial run with that. I'm excited. I spent a good chunk of yesterday learning the software and how to get images in, so now I just need to decide what to engrave and what to put on it. They sent a bunch of test material and I'll probably do some of those just to play around. I do have a couple of blocks of wood that I might play with, we will just see how it goes. 

We also have Trans-Siberian Orchestra tonight. I will try to get back to post updates, but if I don't I will check in later in the week. 

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