02 December 2022

What a week

 I have been so incredibly tired all week and I'm not exactly sure why.    But of course, last night I had energy to burn. Last night I was also working on my tumblers and that definitely helps. I got some sublimation tumblers from China yesterday and they are amazing. The colors are so bright and the lines so crisp. I love, love, love them. 

The "My dog ate my lesson plan" is for a white elephant we are having today. The cat with books is for a coworker. We do this secret hero thing and are supposed to give them something once a month. Well, for the last couple of months I have forgotten so I decided to go big in December. I made her a tumbler and I'm giving here a gift card for Barnes & Noble. I cannot get over how good they look. Almost like I know what I'm doing - HA!!!

So my next hurdle is how to get this business rolling. I want to start selling custom mugs and tumblers but I'm not sure how to get it going. I could post on my Facebook page and just start there. I think I will do that after the party today. I could post my mugs, I love my mugs. But Hubby wants to send one of them to his son and so I don't want to spoil that. Look at my mugs.

Oh, idea, I could post this mug and not the 49er one. Oh wow. Maybe I will. Maybe I'll just start posting the stuff I make and see if anyone bites. I won't push it as a business, but I will be pretty annoying about posting stuff. I'll also make sure it shows up on my Instagram page. So yeah, I'll start there. That also means I need to make more. Which is okay, I love making them, I just have a really hard time deciding what to make. So I'm going to find things that I like and just go from there. I know what I'll do. I will post in the appropriate groups. My murder mugs I'll post in the true crime groups, my dog ones I'll post in the dog groups, etc. Why not? Start spreading my talent around and showing people what I can do. 

Okay, time to wake up Hubby. We have a meeting at school today and then brunch and a white elephant gift exchange. Oh, you should see my other white elephant gift. 

These are freaking adorable. 

So yeah, after the white elephant party, I'm going to post everything I've made and start talking about what I do. There is also a group for teacher's side hustles, I'm going to post in there too. Time to get this rolling. 

I do need to get a better photo set up though. 

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