14 December 2022

That was a short line

 My 'line in the sand' lasted exactly 2 days. Then it fell apart and I haven't been able to get it back together since. So it's time for a new strategy. My plan was to exercise after work, before dinner every night except Wednesdays which are my late nights. So Wednesday was going to be my designated rest day. I was only planning on doing 15ish minute workouts just to get fired up about working out and get back into the habit. So, rerouting...........  

What's been getting in my way is my laser engraver. I come home from school and jump into that thing and it's over for the evening. So clearly I need some boundaries and some balance. 

If I jump into the laser as soon as I get home, little else gets done. Also, I run the risk of staying up too late and then not getting enough sleep. So a slight plan adjustment is necessary. 

I will not craft on workdays

I will not craft on workdays

I will not craft on workdays

I don't have a lot of time during the workday. I get home around 4:30-5 pm. Then I have to walk Mavy, that's another 20ish minutes. Then I have about 45 minutes to an hour before it's time for dinner. Then after dinner I only have about 2hours before it's bed time and about 20 of that is taken up with cleaning the kitchen. So, bottom line, if I want to workout I can't craft there is just not enough time. So I need to internalize that and make it my truth. I can't run my engraver while I work out, there is some smoke and smell to it. I can't do my sublimation while I work out because it needs my attention. So working out and crafting are completely incompatible. Since I really and truly want to work out, I will have to forego crafting during the week and just save it for the weekends where I can dive in for hours at a time. 

Okay, it's a sad truth but it is the truth. Besides, in just another week I will have all the time in the world to craft. It will be Christmas break. Yay!!!!!

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