26 March 2023

What a week

 Last Sunday I got sick. I just felt like crap all day. So I laid around trying to kick it before going back to school on Monday. I didn't. Monday I felt like crap but went to school and struggled through. Tuesday I was feeling better but still not 100%. Then finally on Wednesday I felt myself again. That was not a great way to return from break, but I got through the week and that's all that matters. 

So all my grand intentions for last week did not come to fruition. I barely got through the days Monday and Tuesday and by Wednesday I was playing catch up. So yeah, that all didn't happen. But today is a new day and this week will be a new week. 

In other news, yesterday was my 2nd craft fair and what a bust. It cost me $40 to get into it and I made $39 in sales. Pttttttt. It was a long, boring day and not really worth it at all. After the fair, we met some friends on Spokes on Southern for dinner. After which I had a brownie with ice cream and was so, so stuffed. Ugh!!!! Today Hubby is playing golf and I will be doing some housework and school work and definitely not eating. Time to give my digestive system a rest. 

So it is back to the drawing board with my planner. I'm going to set it up today and figure out a good way to utilize it. I think I was on to something last week but because of the illness it didn't pan out as thought. Oh well. No worries. 

I also have to get some grading done. I need to get caught up on my grades because I'm very far behind. So that is happening probably this morning. 

All right, that's really all I got. I think I'm going to dive into the grading and get that done so I can get on with my other stuff. 

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