02 April 2023

Off to a good start

 So yesterday was good. I went to the gym. Walked Mavy. Then worked on craft stuff all day. I'm trying to figure out how to resin the earring I cut on the laser. I feel they are too blah just wood. I feel they are too blah just painted. The resin really adds a pop to them but it's hard to get it right. So I worked on that most of the day and I am definitely making progress. 

At the gym I pushed it. Really pushed it. More than I have in quite a while. I did 3 - 1 minute plank holds. 3!!!! For a long time - possibly years - I've been telling myself I can't do it for 1 minute. Yet yesterday I did it three times. So yeah, it's all in the head. So that was good. I'm waiting for the DOMS to set in - not yet. 

Oh yeah, I went to the gym at 6am. It was dead. There were like 3 cars in the parking lot. 3. It was awesome. It made me think that I could go to the gym early, early on work days and get a workout in. I'm thinking of Wednesday mornings because I don't have a first period. I can go there at 5ish, workout, and come back and get ready for work. I think it would work fine. I'm going to try it, maybe this week. We have testing this coming week so I have to be there at 7:30 on Wednesday, but I may try it anyway. I'm going to gym again today in just a little bit. I realized that I need to get the gym done early before I have a chance to get involved in anything or before I have to start doing things. So the gym it is. 

Food has been good.    Friday and yesterday I was careful about my food and didn't eat any junk. So that was good. 

Today will be sort of busy. I'm going to gym in just a few minutes. Then I'm taking Mavy to Apache Junction and we are going to walk among the wildflowers. Then it's back home to laundry and more crafting. Sounds like a good day and I'm going to get it started. 

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