06 April 2023

It's been a good week

 I was supposed to journal gratitude every day this week and obviously I didn't. I feel like I'm working on other, bigger things. 

This was testing week at school and the students were online for this week. They would come in the morning to test but then go home and work online. It's working okay. Not great, but okay. 

But me, I'm freaking awesome. So I have worked out every morning this week. Monday and Tuesday I did Supernatural. Yesterday, ....... wait for it..........I went to the gym. Yes! I got up yesterday morning and went to the gym. Thank you! Thank you! Please, hold your applause. Wednesday is the one morning during the week that I don't have a 7:30 class or any duty. That means that if I'm a few minutes late it's okay, no one will care. So I got up at my normal time, did my meditation, and then headed off to the gym. I was at the gym by 5 am. Side note, the gym is freaking packed at 5 am. There were way more people there yesterday at 5am then there are on Friday at 6 am. Just saying. Anyway, I went and I conquered it. I was so proud of myself yesterday. I really did feel like a rock star. More important is that I know it can be done and not be too much of an issue. 

I decided suddenly to take a rest day today. My body is sore. Not so sore I can't walk or function, but I can definitely feel my muscles in most of my body. Time to give it a rest. My plan was to rest on Saturdays, but I may switch that up and take a rest day on Thursday. Unless there is something going on. I have to be careful not to get so stuck in what days I work out and what days I don't because then I become too rigid and that leads to failure. The plan is: the gym Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Supernatural the other days with a rest day in there somewhere. I can swap out a rest day for any Supernatural day. Not a gym day. Gym days need to be sacred. 

Okay, that's really about it for now. I have found myself with a ton of energy and an eagerness to get out of bed in the morning. I look forward to my life and I'm always eager to get it started. 

Oh, I almost forgot. After the doctor appointment on Friday, she put me on some blood pressure pills. I started them on Sunday and bam, my blood pressure dropped like it's hot. Last night my pressure was 115/51 - holy crap that is good. We will see if she wants to keep me on it or not. 

Okay, that's enough for today. One more day of school and then it's the weekend. It's supposed to be hot this weekend - yay!!!!!

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