13 May 2023

7 more days of school

 and I am so excited I can't stand it. Seriously. I am. Mentally I have already moved on and am looking at summer and how I'm going to get everything I want to done. 

Things I want to do over the summer: 

  • Start getting some orders in my store
  • Finish Fairy tale by Stephen King
  • Read Building Thinking Classrooms
  • Watch the template video from Weibert Science
  • Go through the entire Patterns Chemistry course and lay it out for next year
  • Get the notebook set up to match the Patterns course
  • Relax in the pool
  • Take it easy
  • Recharge

Lots I want to do and I only have 9 weeks to do it all. Plus, we will be going to Yellowstone for 9 days in there. Yeah, as much as I want to lay around and do nothing, I'm going to be busy this summer. Of course, I can lay around and read - that's not so bad. 

I also want to work out regularly. I need to go to the gym or do some cardio every single day. I got a new left controller for my Oculus and that is definitely better. I have also ordered a workout journal. The difference with this one is it lays out the workouts for you. That's what I need. Someone to tell me what to do. I just struggle so much when it's left up to me. So that journal gets here today and I want to start using it right away. The workouts are for dumbbells so I can do them at home. So excited. That will be high on my priority list all summer. 

There are also a ton of little things I want to get done. I need to get this room organized and straightened out. I want to investigate the costs of a she-shed. I want to get the NoxBox done and I need to look into a will. I don't want Chris and Jenn to struggle after we are gone. So yeah, lots and lots to do. 

But I really can't do much of that now, so why dwell on it. Today I'm going to work on engraving acrylic and mirrors. I bought some cheap acrylic and mirrors to practice on and I'm excited to get started. I also need to sublimate the stoles for graduation. That will be fun. 

Okay, I'm done. I feel better now that I have 'dumped' my brain and I need to get Mavy walked before it gets to hot. I'm off. 

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