10 May 2023

Another Wednesday

 another early rise. I was up at 4am today, so not as bad as last week. I do have things on my mind, specifically little purple chairs. We had to order some new tables and chairs for a room we are turning into a science room and I ordered the wrong chairs. I mean they are not horrible. They are slightly smaller than normal chairs and the room is for 6th and 7th grade science. Oh, they were supposed to be blue but they ended up purple. So yeah, that's weighing on my mind. I will need to come clean about that today to get it off my mind. It's not horrible. The room is for the lower grades and I can sit in the chair relatively comfortably. Also, we do have some extra blue chairs around that could be moved into that room for the larger students - and we do have some. Anyway, I just need to fess up and get it off my chest. 

In other news, I'm really letting things get to me. I'm letting stressors build up and letting the affect me and that is really not good. So, this morning I deal with them all. And they are as follows: 

  • The escape room - I need to call to change the number of people going. I also need to make sure that they all fill out the waiver. 
  • Grades - I have two classes to grade of the labs and I need to get that done ASAP. 
  • Project - I've decided to give them a small chance at redemption by showing me what they have learned about chemistry. I need to get that in Google Classroom
  • The final - I need to finalize the final so that I can create a review of some sort. 
  • And then the chairs.....definitely need to deal with them. 
So that's really not so bad. I can handle all of these things this morning and get them off my mind. If I can get the escape room, grades, and project done, I can work on the final as they work on their projects. 

Oh, I also need to figure out the seniors. I will work on that today also. You know what? I'm going to put this list in my planner so that I don't forget anything. BRB

Okay, it's all in my planner. I don't utilize my planner near enough. I use it after the fact when I should be using it before the fact. Going to work on changing that. I should be setting up my week with the things I want to get done that week and then working from there. I should have an ongoing to-do list to work from. I will figure it out. 

Okay, I think I'm done. Once again, blogging has helped clear my mind and figure out what needs to be done. Off to get ready for work. 

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