03 May 2023

Getting a little stressed

 I like to pride myself  on the fact that I don't let stressors get to me, but the fact of the matter is that I do sometimes. This is one of those times. I have a few things on my plate that are either time sensitive or time consuming and they are getting to me. So this is an effort to deal with them. Remove the stress and just deal with the stressors. 

First, there is the graduation program. One of the scholars wants a name change that may or may not have gone through the system and there is debate about whether he gets it or not. 

Second, one of my students has been working on a science distinction award for the last few years, but pretty much dropped the ball when it came to the research part. She has done some research, just not very much. She is also supposed to present her research to the department and hasn't done that. But she is bugging me about the distinction. So, what do I do about that? 

These two things are hanging up the program and I need to get them resolved today. So I have sent admin an email saying that I need a determination about the name. And I have sent the science department an email about the distinction. There is nothing more I can do about it until I hear from everyone. So that's that. 

I have a parent that is bugging me about his son's grades. Seriously? You wait until 3 weeks before the year ends? Seriously? I honestly don't have time to fight this battle and I'm just over it. I'm going to tell him that he can submit the missing assignments for 50% credit and be done with it. This kid and his parent are a pain in the ass and I really don't have time to deal with it or honestly care. 

Then there is the lab I want to do today. I had my TA look for the chemicals and she brought out one. I didn't  think to ask her why only one and now I'm kind of freaking out that I don't have any of the others. So I will need to pivot on that if it is the case. 

I have a test to grade that is literally weighing on my mind. They took the test last Thursday and because I had such a busy weekend, I did not even attempt to grade it. Well now it's Wednesday and I have only graded one class. There are 5 more to go. And I'm freaking out. 

I need to let all of this go. I am doing everything I can to deal with all of these situations. There is nothing more I can do so thinking about them and stressing over them is useless. 

I woke at 3am this morning. In all honesty, I usually wake at 3am. But my mind started going with all this stuff and I just had to get up and start dealing with it. I just woke Hubby up and as soon as he's done, I'm going to jump in the shower and get ready and go to school. At least I can get to school and get to work. Oh, he's up and out of the shower. Time to run. 

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