30 April 2023

Last fair

 Yesterday was the last craft fair before summer hits hard. It was hot. Really. Really. Hot. It was also long -6 hours - and late. 

I have some thoughts about this that I need to get out. 

First, we broke even basically. So it was a long, hot day that took an excessive amount of time to prep for and we broke even. Is it worth it? I seemed to have a lot of interest in custom stuff, but I've had that kind of interest before and nothing has come of it. So we shall see how this one plays out. But the bottom line is, is it worth it? I spent $200 to get into this event. I spent Friday, and the weeks before, getting inventory ready for this event. We packed up the car, drove over there at noon, set up, sat around until 10pm, packed up and drove home all to break even? In my mind that just does not make sense. While it would be harder, I could devote my time to the website and marketing and build up a client base there. I hate to base these decisions on 3 events. I'm thinking of doing holiday events and see how those go. But the idea of staying home and working on this stuff is much more attractive than dragging my ass to a show every weekend. That's just crazy. I think I'm going to spend the summer working on the things I love and my website. I will start posting my stuff on Facebook every single day. I will also work on my layered wood projects. I love those and I have some ideas for them. That will be my focus over the summer, while I dwell on what to do about the craft fairs. 

In other news, the booth next to us actually brought their laser to custom engrave stuff on the spot. WTF???? That was crazy. 

Anyway, today is a serious rest day. I was in bed by 11pm and up at 6 am. Definitely going to be a slow, restful day. 

Okay, I'm off. 

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