09 June 2023

Back to our regularly scheduled program

 This is the post about health and fitness. 

I had my right eye surgery a week and a half ago. The instructions say not to workout for 2 weeks. Now by workout I'm fairly sure they mean push so hard you are sweating and create an inordinate amount of pressure in your eye. I don't want to do that, at least not yet, but I do need to move some. I'm definitely walking the canal today and I'm thinking of doing some small upper body exercises; dumbbells curls, shoulder presses, overhead extensions, etc. Nothing where I strain myself but just to move some. I would work my lower body but I think that will cause more pressure. So a few upper body movements a day should help some. 

Exercise or working out, is not only for what it does for my body but what it does for my mind. If I work out in the mornings, I tend to eat better and take better care of myself the rest of the day. As soon as I fall into sloth mode, which I've been in for a week and a half, my eating goes to crap. Like yesterday. I had a beer at lunch. Fried foods for dinner. And Baskin-Robbins ice cream for desert. Yeah, that was a good day. 

I could spend today beating myself up over it, but that is useless. It's done and gone and no amount of mental abuse will change what I chose to do - and be very sure, it was a choice I made. Or, I could use it as a learning experience and figure out exactly why it happened and not let it happen again. 

I need to figure out how to get out of the afternoon slump. I get up in the mornings and Mavy and I walk. Sometimes I will walk the canal by myself if he doesn't feel up to it. Then I work on things for a while. Then we have lunch. Then we generally hang out in the pool for a bit. And that's where I kind of lose it. I will get out of the pool and lay and read in my chair. Usually nodding off a bit when I do that. And then I have no energy or motivation to do anything. I will come in and put my pajamas on - that I know is a bad move. As soon as I put those on, it seems to signal a slowing down in my brain. I sat on the couch yesterday for about 4 hours. That is not good. So I know that in order to make a change you have sometimes have to do something drastic, so maybe it's time for something drastic. Maybe a new rule is necessary. No pjs until after dinner. Many times I come in and my bathing suit is damp. I hate to sit around in a damp suit. So there are a couple of options. 1. Stay outside until it dries more. or 2. Take it off but put on some shorts and a top. No pjs if it is before dinner. I like that and I think I can live with it. 

Another thing I want to do is raise this desk up. I sit far, far too much and it is affecting my back and my knee. Time to stop it. So I think I will raise the desk and work standing up. I want to print out the pages for my chemistry curriculum so I'll be moving between the desk and the printer and the binder. I can do that on my feet. I don't need to sit down for that. I also want to review the AP bio slide shows and set up a plan for each unit. I can do that while standing, sometimes I think better on my feet. 

Okay, see I feel better already. Today I'm going to focus on just moving. Being on my feet as much as possible and just moving around more. But now, I'm off to walk the Mavster. 

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