13 June 2023

Knee issues

 and I'm not exactly sure what is going on. 


Around June 4th I started walking the canal by myself. Mavy didn't want to, so I would walk him and then take a walk by myself. I did the normal walk for a few times and then decided that I would walk the entire canal from McClintock to Rural. I believe that's when the knee issues really started. Both knees feel very swollen and creaky. Now the fact that it's both knees give me a really good indication that it's not the knees at all. Most likely it's my back. Or my hips. I'm really leaning towards my hips. When I walk, if I stop and do a standing pigeon stretch on something, it definitely helps. So I'm thinking it's time to start my hip stretching again. I finished the 21 days and then stopped (not sure why) and I believe that I'm tightening up from not working so much. 

Okay, just had to think through this a bit before I went on with my day. 

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