06 June 2023


 that stands for next of kin box. This is something I purchased a while ago, quite a while ago, and just started organizing yesterday. This is a box that contains all the necessary information that your next of kin will need when you pass away. I love this. I love that the kids will not have to spend days trying to figure everything out. But at the same time it's kind of sobering to really face the fact that we could will die. Intellectually I know we will die and I try to keep Memento Mori in my mind, but emotionally I feel like it will be a while before that happens. And I'm hoping it will, but we are up there and it is always a possibility. So I started getting it ready yesterday. I got all the folders set up and the papers put in the folders, now it's just a matter of filling out all the papers and organizing my life. It also brought up some things  we need, like a will, financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, etc. These things need to be in place so that the kids know who can do what. It's sad to start thinking about a time when I won't be here, but none of us get out of this one alive. 

Okay, enough morbid stuff. I pulled the trigger on a new laptop this morning. I seriously have so many computers it is not funny. But my current laptop, a Lenovo Yoga, has never been great from the day I bought it. It now runs my laser, which is a fine use for it. My desktop is awesome and I love my 2 giant screens, but there are times when I really don't want to be in here. I sit at night on the couch coloring on the Pixel app. Some nights I feel like doing something, but I don't feel like sitting in here to do it. So I bought myself another laptop. I really want to get into designing things for my laser and sometimes I just need to tinker with the program to figure it out. Now I can sit in the living room and tinker on my laptop. Plus it's deductible because I will use it primarily for the business. 

Which is another thing, I have got to get on it. I did go on to my shopify store the other day and I realized that I need to revamp it completely. So that is now on my list of projects. I think I want to focus on making custom wood pieces. Some of the things I have made are amazing. I just need to get the word out there and start selling some stuff. 

Okay, that's about it for now. Today I will actually be busy. I have a couple of appointments, I'm meeting a friend for lunch, and I'm picking up a new laptop. That should keep me busy today. 

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