13 July 2023

Definitely getting better

 I believe the human body, like most people, try to resist change. If you've been a very active person and are suddenly forced to stop, you get all kinds of aches and pains as your body protests the lack of movement. The opposite is also true, if you are an inactive person and suddenly increase your activity, you get all kinds of aches and pains as your body protests this new movement. And I honestly believe that is what is happening to me. Yesterday my legs felt great, today they are tired and heavy and achy. Also, today  I am without coffee because of some blood tests this morning. So that is a possible cause also. Plus it's about 4,000 degrees outside at 5 am. UGH!!!! Because of the lack of coffee and the extreme tiredness and heaviness in my legs, I think I'm going to skip BODi today. The program is only 5 days a week anyway, so I need to take 2 off. I think today is good. Maybe I will take today off from that and Supernatural. Maybe today will be a rest day. I did go from 0 to 60 in no time, so maybe I can scale it back just a bit today and let my body catch up. Honestly, I think this is the lack of coffee talking. 

I can't even think of something to write here. I think I'm going to shower and then lay on the couch until it's time to go. Or lay on the couch and shower when it's time to go. Something like that. 

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