11 July 2023

Moving along

 Sunday ended up being a very good day. I had put off starting my workouts long enough and so I jumped right in on Sunday. I got up, walked Mavy, and then walked the canal by myself. Now my knee was killing me. Killing. Me. I'm not sure how to explain how it felt. It felt unstable and creaky. It hurt but it wasn't like sharp pain it was more like a dull ache. I chose, right or wrong, to ignore it and go about the activity I had planned. So I walked the canal. A little later in the morning I did a short Supernatural workout. I did modify Supernatural to only face forward so I wasn't twisting my knees. That worked but it was still difficult and my knees let me know they didn't like it. Then we lazed around in the pool for a while and I laid in my sleepy chair and read for a fairly long time. In the afternoon I came in and did a workout with weights. I got a dumbbell workout book and I did the first routine in that. It was good and really not that hard. Didn't seem to bother my knees either. So Sunday was a good day and I was extremely proud of myself. 

Monday dawned bright and early - I was up at 4:30am. Mavy and I headed out for our walk by 5 am. Then I headed out for my own walk on the canal. The knees were still a little achy but not like Sunday. On Sunday I had signed up for BODi an online workout program by BeachBody. I bought it at a weak moment. But the thing is, I know myself. I work much, much better if someone tells me what to do. That was the best part of Crossfit for me. I would walk in and the workout was all programed. I didn't have to think about what to do, all I had to do was do it. I loved that. But I'm not a community person. I don't want to socialize with these people, I want to work out. So looking at BODi I saw they had a lot of programs, some of the really good ones, and I thought why not give it try? So because I'm a sucker, I purchased a year. And I started it on Monday. They have a 4 week beginner program that I started. I did week 1, day 1 and it was awesome. It was a little difficult because of the knees. But I just modified and did the best I could. It felt great. In the afternoon I did a round of Supernatural. Again, modifying and keeping it easy. Later in the evening, I could feel the muscles in my legs and abs. Yes, that's good. 

Today I didn't get up until 5:30 am. The late start meant it was much hotter out. I walked Mavy and then headed out to the canal. I've started taking water with me and that seems to help a lot. Anyway, the knees were feeling good. Not perfect, but much better than they have in a couple of weeks. Also, I could feel my leg muscles - YES!!!!!! Came home and cooled down for a bit - it's hot and humid out. Then I fired up BODi and did week 1 day 2 - that was pure cardio. I modified, modified, modified but I worked up a good sweat and was breathing hard. It felt so good to be back in action. My legs are heavy and tired and my muscles are sore and I freaking love it. Later on I will do a round of Supernatural. 

I have also been logging my food. I'm not restricting my eating or anything, I just want to see where I'm at in terms of calories and macronutrients. This is just going to give me an idea of where I can improve things. 

I am feeling good. Really. Really. Good. Better than I have felt in a long, long time. I was so tired last night and fell asleep in no time. I slept really well and woke up really refreshed this morning. That's how I want to be. Tired at night. Energetic in the morning. And anxious to do my workouts. 

So things are looking up. I got a new planner for my personal use that I absolutely love. I really think this is the one. It has a place to make lists and a timeline to log appointments. I think it is amazing. I also got a new planner for school. It's larger because I generally have more stuff for school to keep track of and it's just vertical days. No timeline, no boxes, no nothing. Just a vertical column for each day. Simple and elegant. I think I will like it a lot. 

Alright. All caught up now. Hubby is off playing golf, so I have the day to myself. What shall I do????

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